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Raising three beautiful children, working full time, and doing all of the things that we as single parents do, ensuring – well, that at least the basics are covered.  Whilst working full time as a security guard in the hospital system and at the airport… many, many long lonely hours were to be filled, either watching over patients, or escorting personal and guarding sensitive security areas as the new extensions to the airport were being constructed.  It was during these periods at work, that I started doodling with pens and paper. One of my colleagues happened to see what I was working on, and said “Wow that looks like a swan”.  It actually did, and was supposed to look like a swan… this, was the turning point where where my artwork really began to evolve, quite some years ago.

Doodling became drawings…

My artwork soon became a passion, a love, my most favourite thing to do, kind of like reading a fabulous book that you never want to put down.  Never without a paper and a felt tip pen, whether it be waiting for appointments or at home alone, boredom soon became a thing of the past. No matter where I was,  I could draw – create a picture.

I loved it, and still do! 

Some years back I struggled financially to get some of my work put onto canvas and framed, only to find that the time and energy to travel and market these works was too taxing and costly.  Now fast forward a few years, and I have finally found the confidence and wherewithal to market and share my artwork to the world.  I can now see a working, and sustainable future through my artwork!

With the mind focused I enlisted the universe.

Earlier in 2015 I met an amazing woman whose insight, foresight, and confidence, matched with  her skills, and incredible understanding of my passionate creativity was absolutely fantastic. It is with this lovely person that my journey as a professional artist has begun.  Now, with paper and a felt tip pen – creating a picture, or a story from my imagination, my life is awesome. So I will now share with you, many years of drawings, many years of books filled with pictures inspired from relaxation, enjoyment, beliefs, and what life also threw at me along the way.

With the help of the universe and all it has provided. I believe now is the time.

I’m doing something I love and I hope you love it too…

Enjoy the Art


3 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Congratulations Ali! Beautiful work! Best wishes on this venture xx Happy to share your site when you’re ready.

    1. Thank you Helaine, Great to have you share this journey with me. Love and Light Kiss

  2. Hi Ali,

    your artwork is fabulous I will keep you in mind for future projects. Just letting you know that you friend who admired our Giant moose & Santa figurines in our interior design Showroom at 179 St Georges Rd Nth Fitzroy has been massively reduced as we are relocating & closing the Showroom as from 31st March, 2017.
    Moose was $370 now $200 Santa was $170 now $100. Let me know if she is interested to purchase them. we have many more homewares reduced to clear. Mad March Sale!!
    blank canvas 179
    9482 243 0413 860 590

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